The artist is locked in a white cube, just big enough to let her body move. She’s trapped inside your instagram feed, and telling you a story. There is no exit. What does the world need to know? An emergency. Climate strike, ethical needs, universal salvation. She’s only got one minute to convince you, which is precisely the 60 second Instagram time limit.. The message unfolds on 9 posts, reflecting the geometrical shape of social media.. The fourth wall of this white cube is open to the audience, which will reach as many users as the algorithm will allow.. Trough 9 words and 1 epilogue (10/10), the artist constructs a comprehensive message regarding the global crisis, a message full of hope.

I wanted to do an experimentation on instagram. I had to use it to show the evolution of my body alphabet workinprogress during lockdowns: use this incontournable social network to transmit a message and I questioned myself: “What ‘s now really important to say”? I found it, as you will discover at the end of this quest and of the month of september 2021.   The idea is that waht we can do is inside, a flux in every people, an that energy will repercut itself on evrything in the world to go in a care way to live.

The language is my Alphabet DURCH, durch in german means “through”. Through the body. Every letter is a position of the body. Links are mouvement, Talking with DURCH is saying very loud but silently.  It is dance. This alphabet is a choregraphic mechanic.

Cerise Rossier, 20th of august 2021

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cerise rossier 2021
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